Gravesend London Asian Wedding of Jay & Janpreet

Bride name:Janpreet
Groom name:Jayvind
Event date:30/8/20
Location:Gravesend Kent London
Event type:Asian Sikh Wedding Photography & Cinematography
Event organiser:
Photography:East West Photography
Videography:East West Photography

Event summary:

Gravesend London was where the Asian Sikh Wedding Photography of Jay & Janpreet took place. Jay wore a regal outfit displaying medals from his Grandfathers achievements in the Army. Janpreet the gorgeous bride didnt go with a traditional red that most Sikh brides would wear, but her outfit was stunning as well.

Asian wedding photographers & cinematographers captured the day. The Sikh wedding ceremony took place at one of the most stunning gurdwara’s in Kent, London. The Gurdwara which cost in excess of £12 mil to build is something out of India, with a huge footprint its amazing to capture stunning shots.

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