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“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

East West Photography is a team of professional award winning photographers who have set a mark and raised the bar in the Asian Wedding Industry. We come equipped with over a decade of hands-on experience in shooting events on a global level. We specialise in covering all types of wedding events to include, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Sikh and Christian wedding ceremonies. Additionally, we specialise in capturing all types of portraiture from our studio or a pre-arranged outdoor location to add that extra bit of pleasure, amusement and variance. We take pride in offering photography for Fashion, Film work and Make-up Artist Portfolios. We adapt our photography styles to suit the needs of our clients. Our global/international coverage has provided us with a spell binding portfolio of work. Some of our common locations include; America – Washington, Australia – Melbourne, Canada – Toronto, Italy – Sardinia, Venice, Kenya – Nyeri, Nairobi, Kericho, Mombasa, Tanzania – Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Spain – Barcelona, India – Jaipur, Punjab, Delhi, Goa.

We now operate from two studios located in the United Kingdom and Tanzania.

Why choose East West Photography for your wedding photographer?

We share your passion in creating the event of your dreams and devote ourselves to capture your visions and deliver the evidence for that memory to last a lifetime in the form of images as they occurred. In simple terms, “A smile happens in a flash but its memory can last a lifetime.” As every culture or event is unique, we do not have a set price but do call us to discuss and tailor make your event.

I have always been interested in photography since I started using my dad’s manual Topcon SLR camera at an early age. I studied computers at university and started working in graphic design studios. My passion and desire to produce creative images and design a story through the images pushed me to start shooting Asian weddings, lifestyle & portrait photography. I love the excitement and the build-up to a wedding with all the vibrancy, festivities, emotions, cultures and traditions that come with it. In wanting to offer a unique photography experience, I created my own eclectic style of shooting which involves a reportage characteristic, focusing on the moment that is about to unfold, the moment as it occurs, and the emotions involved in the moment after it transpires. Additionally, I love shooting detail, as easy as it sounds it is the extra creative thought that makes the difference between shooting in an orthodox fashion and shooting with an artistic eye. I am currently a member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photography (SWPP).

Outside photography, I am much inspired by Africa as I am born and raised in Tanzania. I love golf as it provides the focus and fitness one requires in the photography trade.

Completing my degree in Product Design gave me an insight and natural ability to frame creatively. Working as a criminologist for many years, the urge to make a difference somewhere within the design industry as a qualified designer is what inspired me to embark on my journey as a wedding photographer. I found most weddings were too staged which in turn completely lost the essence of capturing emotions and moments naturally. This motivated me to come up with my own style of capturing events where I fused photojournalism with wedding photography to create a mood that is unique, fresh, and modern yet preserved the essence of sentiments and warmth in the images. My knowledge with regards to lighting in context to wedding photography enables me to create art with light. I have a personality that brings passion, enthusiasm and charisma which are important characteristics to have whilst working in the wedding industry as I believe these bring out the best in every bride and groom or models. After over a decade of documenting various events, I am on the road to gaining a professional qualification and recognition of my work by The British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) and the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photography (SWPP).

Gurwinder and I teamed up over a decade ago to form East West Photography which has now expanded globally.

I am passionate about green smoothies, all things healthy and of course golf!

People say behind a successful man there is a strong woman. I am the main drive for the creative design in the business. An architect by profession, I design most of the albums for East West Photography. Additionally, I double up as a wedding photographer on some occasions as I enjoy the buzz and moments that flow in the build up to weddings. As someone who is primarily heading up the final stages of the wedding photography operations, I believe my vision and understanding of the design process is very fresh, idealistic and free flowing as nothing in this day and age is stagnant. I believe in the ‘less is more’ concept and that the creative mind should flow openly in order to create visually pleasing results. In simplistic terms I like stepping out of the box to produce exciting, exclusive and diverse bodies of work.

Not being like a normal fly off the wall born with a camera in my hand, I joined East West Photography knowing my passion for design will definitely grow in the right direction as a photographer. I remember hearing the East West name as I was growing up and being part of the team has definitely been a worthwhile achievement. I have gained invaluable and expert advise from my peers which has shaped my photography career as cutting edge, contemporary and unconventional. I offer an enjoyable and funky approach which I believe is necessary to build a life time rapport with our clients.

Seeing that the majority of the team are golfers, I am now an active member too given that fitness is key in our industry!

I come with a qualification in Textiles and Surface Art and have enjoyed wildlife photography in Kenya with my dad from an early age. After freelancing for some years I joined East West Photography. Balancing a career in investment banking and photography has been somewhat exciting to say the least, but shooting alongside Gurwinder and Jagdeep has definitely been a blessing in disguise. My passion for all things design has led me to spread my wings within different aspects of design some of which include cake baking, painting and dabbling in mini projects involving some graphic design work. 2013 was a remarkable year where together with my husband Harbs, we run the operations within East Africa.

As much as I would like to say I love golf, I would say I prefer having a part history as a hockey player!

Born and raised in Tanzania, it is only natural to be passionate about landscapes, nature and wildlife. Photography inspires me to capture my passion and give it life in a frame. Working with Nokia as a product specialist helped me discover my love for socialising with people from all walks of life. 2013 gave my wife Jaspreet and I the opportunity to set up the EWP East African wedding photographer branch with immeasurable support from the UK team.

Ever since we have been involved in not only Asian and African weddings but also undertaking corporate and commercial photography for hotels, lodges, wildlife trusts and wildlife.

Coming with a professional management background, I run the operations side of the business. Naturally equipped with a flare of design I additionally assist in the post production of images and deal with the structural planning and administration side of the business. I have seen the company grow each year and can definitely say it is highly exciting to be part of a team that really enjoy what they do.

I equally enjoy health, nutrition and green juices to encourage the wellbeing of the team within the company.