TJ & Raj

Bride name:Raj
Groom name:TJ
Event date:14/02/09
Location:Jalandhar, India
Event type:Sikh Wedding
Wedding Venue:Vista Resorts Jalandhar
Wedding Video:Shaadi Videography
DJ / Entertainment:Pind Da Gabroo
Religious Venue:Sikh Gurudwara Jalandhar

Event summary:

TJ from the UK and Raj from Tanzania, chose to get married in Jalandhar, India in Februay 2009. Asian wedding photographers, East West Photography were there to capture the special event along with Shaadi Videography, Sandeep & Hussein. This was a traditional Sikh wedding set on the private outdoor grounds in Jhalandhar which made it that extra bit special to capture. A portrait session on the grounds of a Pind (Village) is what you will not get in the UK. In the evening just before the doli took place we managed to grab some more shots of the couple in the Pind with the sun setting, just beautiful!