Sarits 40th

Event date:06/12/08
Location:Nairobi, Kenya
Event type:Birthday Photography
Event Video:Shaadi Videography

Event summary:

Sarit’s 40th birthday celebrations took place at the Nairobi National Museum in Kenya’s capital city. The Nairobi National Museum was totally transformed by Sachin and the team who had worked tirelessly to create a stunning ambience for the party. From the lighting, cocktails, table settings and the food, it was amazing.

East West Photography were commisioned to shoot the surprise birthday party, the event management team were from South Africa, the videographer Shaadi Videography and DJ Sanj from Radio Asia rockedd the crowd. We captured the ambiance of the event which included a family portrait session.

Guys, it was a pleasure covering your event and we hope you enjoy your birthday photography.