Rupa & Ashmeet

Bride name:Rupa
Groom name:Ashmeet
Event date:April 2010
Event type:Reception Photography
Bridal make-up:Laaj Lally
Wedding Video:Shaadi Videography

Event summary:

A wedding reception on the Silver Sturgeon on the river Thames for Ashmeet & Rupa by East West Photography.
When we are not available for the main wedding day we get commissioned to photograph the wedding reception instead. Ashmeet & Rupa decided to have their wedding reception differently. A party on the boat cruising on the Thames was the ideal party. It was fantastic, the atmosphere on the boat was just sublime. We loved it, the couple loved it and all the guests loved it too. Working with Sandeep & Hussain from Shaadi is now becoming a norm. Laaj Lally did the makeup and I can tell you the bride looked so great that whilst having fun taking their photographs by the river caused a traffic jam.