Ravneesh & Kulraj

Bride name:Ravneesh
Groom name:Kulraj
Event date:19/08/2012
Location:Arusha, Tanzania
Wedding Venue:Sikh Temple Arusha
Event type:Sikh Wedding Photography
Event organiser:Hugo Domingo Dar es-Salaam

Event summary:

Asian Wedding photography in Tanzania for Ravneesh and Kulraj. The Wedding events in Arusha took place in August 2013 where East West Photography captured the Sikh Wedding Ceremony. Arusha is located in North Tanzania, under the slopes of Mt Meru. Ravneesh a keen Landscape Photographer herself and a keen follower of East West Photography asked us to capture her amazing Wedding events. The Sikh wedding festivities started with the Satsang at the Sikh Gurudwara in Arusha followed by the Sangeet, Miyaan, Mehndi and Churra at home. Kulraj, the handsome groom arrived from Nairobi, Kenya a day before and a extravagant reception was arranged at the new Mt Meru Hotel, Arusha. The Sikh Wedding took place at the Gurdwara the next day and both Ravneesh and Kulraj looked stunning. East West Photography managed to capture the events all over town with the portrait photography on the outskirts of Arusha, in the coffee estates and the wheat fields. The last few shots were one of the best ones we had captured during the wedding.