Photoshoot in Chiswick for Sandeep & Manpreet

Bride name:Manpreet
Groom name:Sandeep
Event date:1/2/2019
Location:Chiswick, Middlesex
Event type:Photo Shoot
Event organiser:
Bridal make-up:
Bridal hair-style:

Event summary:

Photoshoot in the beautiful grounds of the amazing venue in Chiswick for the pre wedding shoot for Manpreet & Sandeep.

We were lucky to have really good winter weather to capture precious moments and the love between these gorgeous couple.

The Mansion house in Chiswick is a very popular location for couples who are getting married and want a intimate photoshoot before the big day. The images we create are used in the Guestbook  for guests to sign on the big day, they can also be used as a slide show on a big screen to show case to guests.

If you are getting married or would like a family photoshoot why not contact East West Photography to capture great memories for you.