Manveen & Calvin’s Dominican destination Sikh Wedding by Wedding Photographers

Bride name:Manveen
Groom name:Calvin
Event date:15/10/2017
Location:Punta Cana, Domanican
Event type:Sikh Wedding Ceremony
Event organiser:Now Onyx Hotel
Bridal make-up:
Bridal hair-style:

Event summary:

Our beautiful bride Manveen first contacted Asian Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers East West Photography earlier in the year to capture her Sikh Wedding Photography in Punta Cana, Domanican.

We had photographed her cousin’s Sikh Wedding in Nairobi Kenya in 2013 and she had made up her mind about us. Doing a wedding abroad is not easy as the bride lived in London and the groom Calveen was based in Toronto, Canada. We had already shot a Hindu Wedding a couple of years ago at the Dreams Resort in Punta Cana and hence that helped. The problems started when hurricane hit the resort a month before the wedding so we were not even sure the wedding would take place. Luckily the wedding planners found a resort next door to the original venue, Now Onyx Punta Cana and we got the call that the Sikh Wedding was going ahead.

We arrived to Punta Cana to find that the weather had improved the wedding was in full swing. There were around 120 guests who had made it to the events. We started by capturing the Mehndi and Sangeet party. The sangeet was amazing as everyone got into the rhythm of the bhangra beats and really partyed till late. As both bride and groom were staying at the same hotel most of the traditional events were done together with lots fun and banter. The Miyan ceremony especially got very messy. This is ceremony which happens when a paste made of tumeric, flour and water is applied to the bride and groom to cleanse the skin before the big day. Every guest has a chance to apply this to the couple and so the fun begins and it normally gives us photographers loads of opportunities to capture moments which are truly momentous.

The out door Sikh wedding ceremony was amazing and everyone enjoyed the special moments.

Lastly we would like to thank Calveen & Manveen for choosing Asian Wedding Photographers & Cinamatographers to capture there special moments at the Now Onyx Resort in Punta Cana Dominican.If you are looking to have your wedding abroad, get in touch with London based Asian Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers East West Photography who would love to capture your events. We have shot all over the world and with our creative style will leave you memories you treasure.