Jay & Poonam

Bride name:Poonam
Groom name:Jay
Event date:11/03/2012
Event type:Hindu Wedding Photography
Wedding Venue:Hilton Metropole London
Bridal make-up:Naveeda
Wedding Video:Salshan

Event summary:

Indian Wedding ceremony in the heart of London at the Sumptuous London Hilton Metropole Hotel for a grand Hindu Wedding Photography. Asian Wedding Photographers, East West Photography captured the Gujrati ceremony as it unfolded. The hotel has lovely pockets to create stunning imagery and the couple were amazing as they gave us ample time to capture what we wanted. We had the Hindu ceremony for about a couple of hours and we managed to capture details and emotion between the families and the couple. We were also working alongside renowned artists, the bridal hair and makeup artist Naveeda and the videographers were from Birmingham, team Salshan.