Harjot’s Pregnancy Shoot in Nimali, Tarangire Tanzania

Bride name:Harjot
Groom name:Harpreet
Event date:10/8/2017
Location:Nimali Tarangire Tanzania
Event type:Portrait Shoot
Event organiser:
Bridal make-up:
Bridal hair-style:

Event summary:

Harjot chose to have her pregnancy shoot in the beautiful Nimali Lodge situated in the Wildlife Management Area in Tarangire National Park. Nimali is a stunning property situated within the boundary of Tarangire and is tastefully decorated with amazing interiors which blend well with the savanna around it. Tarangire National Park is known for its Baobab trees, elephants and lion population, East West Photography managed to capture some amazing shots of the lovely couple.

She has close ties with the African bush as she is highly involved in promoting hospitality within various national parks to include the Serengeti National Park. Her passion in her field of work inspired her and East West Photography to create a set of beautiful images which will become cherished memories in the time to come.

The second part of her shoot took place at Sable Square Village which is located in the outskirts of Arusha, Tanzania. It is a beautiful shopping village which hosts the majestic Mt Meru as its backdrop. We were lucky to have been surrounded by impalas, the lesser kudu and a couple of Ugandan cranes whilst shooting.