Bride name:Rajvir
Groom name:Rajbir
Event date:27/12/2013
Religious Venue:Pangani Gurdwara
Wedding Venue:Ole Sereni Hotel
Event Type:Sikh Wedding Photography
Bridal make-up:Laaj Lally

Event summary:

Asian wedding photography in Africa’s heart in Nairobi, Kenya for Rajvir and Rajbir.

The Wedding events in Nairobi took place in December where East West Photography captured the Sikh Wedding Ceremony. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and we were there for a week capturing all the festivities.

The Sikh wedding events started with a big sangeet party at the Sikh Union Club where both families partied the night away. We then had the Miyan ceremonies which consist of the families applying a turmeric paste on the arms and the face, apparently its meant to cleanse the skin before the big day followed by the Churra ceremony for the bride, where her uncles adorn her with bangles and jewellery.

The Sikh wedding ceremony took place at Pangani Gurdwara we then spent time at the new Kempinski Nairobi Hotel for the couple shoot. On the wedding day, The beautiful bride was dressed and had her makeup done by Laaj Lally Mua, who had travelled all the way from london.

Rajvir’s dad owns the Ole Sereni Hotel and was the setting for the Reception, we managed to grab a few portraits before the sun set and the party begun…

Rajvir & Rajbir’s Asian wedding Photography in Nairobi