Gavneet & Rajbir Sikh Wedding in Nairobi Kenya

Bride name:Gavneet
Groom name:Rajbir
Event date:16/12/2016
Location:Nairobi, Kenya
Event type:Sikh Wedding
Event organiser:Kudos Entertainment
Bridal make-up:Jawad, Patti Panue, Laaj Lally, Suky Mua
Bridal hair-style:Jawad, Laaj Lally

Event summary:

The beautiful  Asian wedding Photography of Gavneet Chatthe and Rajbir Rai took place in Nairobi Kenya. Gavneet grew up in North Kenya near Kisumu and Rajbir’s family originally are from Eldoret but due the complexity of the events it was decided that all the events will take place in Nairobi. Both families have a common hobby, Rallying and are frequent entrants in the Kenya Rally circuit, so it was a coming together of two amazing families.

The Events started with the Chunni  Ceremony which was at the Simba Union grounds. The chunni ceremony is a punjabi ceremony comparable to a engagement. The ceremony entails the groom side bringing beautiful gifts and the dupata for the bride. The amazing setup and decor was coordinated done by Kudos Entertainment from the UK. Patti Panue had done the makeup for Gavneet for this event. Entertainment for the Chunni was by Sukhbir and Jassi Sidhu.

Once the Chunni was done, then the fun began at Gavneet’s home in Nairobi. For the Jago Gavneet had the amazing Malkit Singh perform his famous Jago Song. The Jago is a ceremony that sikh’s celebrate before the wedding. The brides maternal family will bring candles and dhol drums to let the neighbourhood that a celebration of a wedding is taking place.

The Sikh wedding took place at Nanaksar Gurdwara, Nairobi. Gavneet wore a Tarun Tahiliani designed outfit, her makeup was by the amazing Jay Ashraf. At the afternoon lunch, Rahat Fathe Ali Khan provided an amazing set. We worked with some of the elite service providers from the UK to name a few –  Patti PanueLaaj LallySuky MuaRumen Sembi, Jawad Mua,  Raj MatharuSaleem Salshan – Salshan Photo & CinemaJas Johal Kudos –  Kudos Entertainment,  Manny PablaLak Banwait – Maharaja London