Alex & Gurjit Sikh Wedding Photography In Berkshire

Bride name:Gurjit
Groom name:Alex
Event date:1/6/2016
Event type:Sikh Weddiing Photography
Event organiser:
Bridal make-up:
Bridal hair-style:

Event summary:

Sikh Wedding Photography for our beautiful couple at the slough Singh Sabha Gurdwara and the stunning Oaklands Gurdwara in Berkshire.

The Eastern and Western Cultures mixed together for this reunion and this complemented the photography from East West Photography.

As they had a mixed marriage for the sikh wedding they only had prayers and blessings at the Gurdwara before heading to Oaklands Hotel for the Civil and Reception.

Lastly if you are getting married do get in touch with East West Photography, we would love to capture your events.